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Civilian Intelligence Services


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What We Are:

    StealthComm HQ is a consumer intelligence and information agency which attempts to provide its clientele with the overt and covert information they need to make informed decisions on important matters in their businesses or in their life.

What We Do:

    StealthComm HQ saves you time and money by gathering the intelligence and information you need to decide what your specific needs are in securing the people, places, things or situations that meet the goals you have set for yourself: whether it be purchasing a car, hiring the prospective employe and all he/she claims to be, checking out a possible employer's background or is the man or woman you or your son/daughter wants to marry the person they claim they are?

How We Do it:

    You contact us and we respond by doing a full assessment of your need on the target-area you have chosen (person, place, thing or situation) and we conduct a through cybersearch on your TA based upon your specific need and goals. When we pull together all of the pertinant intelligenge and information, we then turn the data discreetly and confidentionally over to you for your consideration.

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